Jardines Berria teams up with Mungia’s Leku Ona pastry shop to offer its delicious products in Bilbao. Thus we became the only place in the city where you can buy all their fantastic sweets.

Leku Ona

Opened in 1962 in Mungia and run by the third generation of the founding family, the Leku Ona pastry shop is a benchmark in Bizkaia in the production of traditional products, such as butter buns, rice cakes and éclairs. He continues to produce his own creations such as the “San Antón cake”, “the Basordas Rocks” or “Antontxus”. And new products have also been incorporated, such as individual and special cakes, such as “Bitxia”.

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Butter buns

It seems impossible to highlight a single product that comes from the heart of Leku Ona, but it cannot be denied that the one that has expanded the pastry’s fame the most is the butter bun.

They are light, fluffy and with a final touch of icing sugar. There are those who say that they are special, there are those who return to their childhood with every bite they take of one of them and there are those who simply conclude that it is the best butter bun in the world.


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