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Our team

We are a team of young people with extensive experience in this world. We know what we want and our priority is the satisfaction of those who visit us. For this, we have settled in one of the most emblematic places in Abando district, the Albia Gardens.

fachada Jardines Berria
terraza Jardines Berria

Like at home

We have transformed a classic space in the centre of Bilbao into a cosy place where you can meet up with family and friends. In addition, we have the best terrace in Bilbao. You will feel at home.


We present a simple gastronomic proposal to enjoy at different times of the day. We work so that the product and its quality prevail, respecting its flavour as much as possible through our preparations. In addition, our dishes can be accompanied by a careful selection of wines.

ensaladilla Jardines Berria


The sum of our team, the gastronomic proposal and the place, make Jardines Berria a unique experience. What better colour could we choose for our project? The green of Abando district. The green of the trees and the Albia Gardens. The green of our mountains. The green of our vegetable gardens. The green of stability, harmony and serenity. The green of hope.